#the100dayproject 2019


I am always setting crazy goals for myself to push myself to learn new things. My projects are usually driven by something that I am passionate about. This is the second year I have decided to do #the100dayproject and I have enjoyed both years.  It is amazing to see the evolution of a single idea in 100 days and conversation that follows the action of creating everyday for 100 days. 


My #the100dayproject for 2019 was #golfballsinthesea inspired by all of the golf balls that wash up on our beautiful beach Carmel-By-The-Sea.  My son and I started picking them up when we moved here full time a year ago.  I had them in a bucket by our front door that was soon overflowing.  Being an artist I could not help but feel that these balls needed to be re-purposed in a way that would create a dialogue raising awareness to initiate a solution to clean them up.  That's when I started casting them individually to showcase them at their different stages of erosion being tumbled by the sea.

When I started this project I soon found out that www.theplasticpick-up.org has been doing a lot of work in clean up, awareness, and research. I plan on donating a portion of my proceeds from this project to the plastic pick up.  Had I not chose this for my project I probably would not have come across the great work they have been doing. I look forward to supporting them though this project.

My hope is that this project will evolve into something really cool like tabletops, sculptures, shower tiles, or a giant resin wall of lost balls somewhere public where people can find the one that got away......