My father was a sculptor.  I worked apprenticing him for much of my youth learning how to create bronze sculptures and working in our foundry from the time I was very small. I learned many aspects of the business from cleaning waxes to patina. My pendants are mini sculptures made by my hands. I attended art school at The Academy of Art in San Francisco studying fashion design.  While in school I also found my passion for painting.  I currently show a large body of paintings in my family’s gallery (Bennett Sculpture) in Carmel, CA.

The first pendant that I created was the “Image Reborn” pendant for the organization Image Reborn.  It was inspired by a very good friend of mine, Eileen Burke, who sits on the board of this amazing organization.  I was able to create a pendant that encompassed the importance of the work that this group does. The pendant was a huge success and at this point I realized that I had something. I have created 33 different designs loaded with all kinds of meaning whether it was created for a non-profit organization or just because it is an important symbol to me.  

In developing my style I feel that my designs reflect all that is important to me. I am inspired by God, nature, community, and philanthropy. It is an amazing feeling to see people wearing my creations and making them their own.  I feel blessed everyday to be able to create and do what I love. 


A strong community is the basis for Ashley's work and life. Throughout her career she has continually worked with and supported organizations that do the crucial work to grow and support the communities which she cares for. Below is a list of organizations Ashley has and continues to work with.

YWCA Northern Utah

YMCA Northern Utah

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Boys and Girls Club

Rape Recovery Center SLC

Human Rights Campaign SLC

IPRAS Women for Women

Park City Womens Giving Fund

Peace House Autisum Speaks- San Diego

Hope Alliance

130 Strong

Moms who Ride

Ski Adaptive Program 

Where to Find Ashley Bennett Stoddard Art