Ashley Bennett-Stoddard has been deeply involved with art her entire life, as she is the daughter of the late, world-renowned sculptor Bob Bennett.  Growing up in Placerville, where the Bennett Sculpture foundry and headquarters were located, Ashley was exposed to art throughout her childhood.  She worked apprenticing with her father in the process of creating bronze sculptures.   

Ashley attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco and quickly found out that art school was not for her.  She made the move to Carmel to manage the Bennett Sculpture gallery for her family.  Feeling the need to “find herself” as an artist, she made the move back to Placerville and surrounded herself with many different kinds of artists.  At the early age of 21, Ashley owned her own studio and gallery in which she subleased studio space to 23 artists.  Along with creating monthly showings for these artists, Ashley started the 3rd Saturday Art walk in Placerville and many other fun art related events.

Ashley and her husband moved to Utah in 2007 and spent the last 11 years raising her three children, designing jewelry in raising funds for non-profits, and creating a documentary while touring the US with her paintings.   

Ashley moved back in 2018 to help in running the family gallery, Bennett Sculpture Carmel, coming full circle and pouring herself into all aspects of the business.  Ashley Bennett-Stoddard’s paintings sell rapidly, as she continues to create new art to hang in the gallery.  

Ashley inherited her father's artistic talent and strong feel for lines and design. She has combined this with an incredible sense of color and shape to create her own unique, unmistakable style of paintings.  In developing her style her art reflects all that is important to her.  She is inspired by God, nature, community, and philanthropy.  “It is an amazing feeling to be a part of the whole process from creation to purchase to the connection of the collector making our art their own.  I feel blessed every day to be able to create and do what I love and to be able to share my art through storytelling of my amazing legacy.” 

Since her father's death in 2003, she has become even more determined to carry on the family legacy. As an artist she works hands on with marketing for the gallery, sales and creating her one of a kind pieces of art.  In addition to the Bennett Gallery, her work is exhibited in galleries and private collections throughout the country.